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Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Valuations

What are Pre-Sale Advice Valuations?
Anyone wanting to sell a Property in the Perth Property Market should engage Valuations WA and consider a Pre-Sale Advice Valuation. Working out what to sell your property for is one of the hardest decisions you will make. You want to achieve the highest selling price and don't want to undersell the property either.

Generally people will get a Local Real Estate Agents free market appraisal but most agents are predominately marketers, experts in property advertising, effective marketing strategies and negotiating the best price for your property. Before you get a Real Estate agent in to assess your property, astute sellers will consider about engage a property valuer to complete an independent pre-sale advice valuation. A pre-sale advice valuation report will give you a single selling figure or a starting point to list your property on the market which you can compare with the Real Estate Agent appraisals to work out the ideal listing price, advertising and effective marketing strategy.
Why do I need a Pre-Purchase valuation?
Doing your homework before buying a property is a must for all astute buyers. Completing due diligence in the area you are looking to buy, is it Close to Transport? Shops? Schools? Etc are all items you can check off.

When it comes to Final writing an Offer on the property you have found, engaging a Perth Property Valuer to get an independent and objective pre-purchase valuation in crucial. Once you have a pre-purchase valuation report it is often used by Valuations WA clients as the basis for negotiations to begin between the parties. For peace of mind and to make a better decision, you don't want to pay more than the property is worth, contact the office and discuss your pre-purchase valuation requirements.
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