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Property Settlement Valuations

Property Settlement Valuations have always been a sensitive property transaction. Whether it is an internal family buy-out or a prospective open market sale, each party has an interest as to the fair market value.

For this reason that an independent property valuation should be carried out to ensure that each party is confident with the settlement outcome.​

Valuations WA property valuers provides a property's true fair market value in a concise report written Bound by the API's Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

The vast majority of share buy-outs involve one of the parties being forced or pressured to sell all, or a portion of the individuals share in a property. This being the case often the other parties will buy-out the share well under market value to the other way around.

So no matter whether the situation is a buy-out, sale or settlement of a particular property, a written property valuation report will help to alleviate potential disputes in the future and will assist both parties to commence well informed negotiations.

The final Valuations WA report can be relied on by both or all other parties who have an interest in the property including, solicitors, Family Law Court of WA, Office of State Revenue.
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