Perth Property Valuations WA Announces Value Packages For Residential Customers
Posted on October 18, 2014 by adminadmin

Valuations WA, an independent Perth Property Valuation and Real Estate Consultancy company, announces value packages for residential customers.

The professional team of licensed Perth property valuers works primarily with residential and commercial clients, but recently launched value plans to assist homeowners.

According to a recent study, seven out of ten commercial investors contract with independent property valuers before closing the deal. They recognize the dangers of in-house valuations as lenders often under-value property costs in order to reduce their risks. If lenders share the details on in-house reports, the valuations are usually substantially lower than the true market value.

Like their commercially-minded counterparts, residential investors should commission Perth property valuations to protect their sizeable investment. Sadly, very few homeowners understand the benefits of property valuations and do not consider the cost as a worthwhile investment. Valuations WA seeks to educate residential consumers and empower them with the information they need to spot worthwhile investments and close deals.

While an investor can order a valuation at any point in the negotiation, including after closing the deal, Valuations WA advises customers to order a valuations report before making final negotiations. The firm’s value package for residential customers includes a detailed report that covers several critical areas including the property’s current market value based on analysis software, property inspection and a report of recent sales in the area. Investors should care about the property’s ability to maintain its value over time. Therefore, Valuations WA includes a market risk score with all their valuations to help investors get the big picture.

Valuations WA’s services extend beyond property purchases. Residential services include valuations for Capital Gains Tax, retrospective taxation valuations, and valuations for property settlements, divorce, court litigation, superannuation funds, mortgage security purposes, and building replacement costs to satisfy insurance claims requirements.

Jenny Greenhalgh shed some light on the importance of residential property valuations Perth, “Prospective customers call the firm all the time and ask why they need to do an independent when they could simply request a report of the in-house valuation. Time and time again, I let them know that an independent valuation assures peace of mind. Cutting corners, or costs, is not a smart move when you’re investing thousands. An unbiased valuation removes uncertainty and arms the investor with details to make asmart decision.”

Today, a lot more homeowners understand that independent valuations protect their investments. Valuations WA’s value packages and extensive offerings give homeowners what they need at a price they can afford. Visit them online to check out the full range of valuation services.
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